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Aim: The Journal of Clinical Question is dedicated to enhancing the understanding and management of complex, real-world clinical questions faced by healthcare professionals in daily practice. The primary goal is to facilitate improved decision-making in clinical settings by disseminating rigorous research findings, thorough reviews, and enlightening case reports.The journal aspires to be a pivotal resource for evidence-based medical practice, aiming to bridge the gap between clinical theory and practice through high-quality scholarly contributions.

Scope: The focus is on original research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, clinical guidelines, best practices, and case reports that address clinical questions in healthcare.


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A medical introducer, often referred to as an introducer sheath, is a tubular device with a dilator that provides a smooth passage for medical instruments. It typically consists of a sheath and a dilator, which helps expand the entry point and reduce trauma to the patient. The introducer is designed to maintain vascular access while minimizing the risk of infection and complications.